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Services: Clients

Individual Therapy

Based on your need or the presenting issue, we tailor treatment to best meet your needs. We utilize an integrative approach to therapy, which allows for evidence-based techniques from various theories to be used at the same time. Our style can described as action-oriented/goal-oriented as we occasionally assign readings or "homework" to help you achieve your goals and continue the therapeutic process in between sessions. Sessions are typically 45 minutes long on a weekly basis. There is flexibility in length of time and frequency as treatment progresses.

  • rate: $275/lead therapist or $180/associate therapist

Couples/Family Therapy

Couples therapy can help address communication issues, infidelity, lack of intimacy, parenting, etc. It can also assist those who need support in parting ways in a productive manner. Family therapy can facilitate repairing relational ruptures, instill healthy behaviors, and/or add structure. Sessions are typically 60 minutes long on a weekly basis. However, there is flexibility in scheduling. 

  • rates: $350/lead therapist or $250-$275/associate therapist

Sex Therapy

Sex therapy involves understanding one's sexuality from a historical and psychological perspective. Once a comprehensive picture of the presenting concern is established, exercises at home, recommendations, and professional referrals may be suggested to improve sexual functioning, improve relational dynamics, and increase satisfaction. Sex therapy does not involve any physical touch or demonstrations by the therapist. 

It is recommended that clients visit with their gynecologist or urologist before setting an appointment to rule out possible medical issues. Keep in mind that it is very common that there is not a medical explanation for the sexual issue, which would imply a psychological-rooted cause. It is very possible to overcome sexual challenges without medical intervention. 

Group Therapy

Groups based on need will be added in the future. If you have an idea or desire for a group, please share with us via email. 

  • men's process group (2019)


Stay tuned for future workshops!​

  • The Mindful Connection and Reflection Workshop was held by Emory University Alumni Association of New York and was virtually presented on Zoom in April 2020. It focused on processing feelings, reframing minds, and replenishing bodies in quarantine through guided meditation, pranayama breathwork, and mindful discussion.

  • The Redefining Healthy Sex Workshop was held for the public at the Balance Arts Center in May 2019. The event included 1-hr yoga practice followed by an open discussion on healthy sex and setting boundaries.  


I offer my services for individuals, groups, institutions, programs, and/or media outlets that would benefit from a psychological approach and feedback as it relates to relationships, dating, and sex.

  • rate: based on project

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